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Stop the Inhumane Practice of Shipping Horses Via Cargo to Puerto Rico

You have the power to end this cruel method of transport

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Why is this Inhumane?

12 horses are crammed into a 40-foot steel shipping container, that has been "modified" for horses by having windows cut out of the sides, metal hay racks welded inside, small wooden dividers installed to separate the animals, and (1) fan affixed to a small window on one end to circulate air. The horses have three feet of space and cannot turn around. The horses are in this box for more than three days.

As a comparison, when shipping horses by tractor-trailer from Kentucky to California (a straight 44-hour trip),  the horses are free to move around in 8-foot by 6-foot box stalls. Hay and water are continually available, and an attendant is present for the entire trip.

Horses shipped via cargo ship often arrive severely dehydrated, many lose 50-75 lbs during the voyage, are traumatized, sleep-deprived, with several arriving with severe respiratory infections, such as pleural pneumonia. Here is a video of a horse that developed pleural pneumonia after being sent via cargo ship

There is a more humane method to transport horses
A 2.5-hour plane flight, also operated by a Saltchuk company that specializes in equine aviation transport, is a much faster, safer, and humane method to transporting on and off the island of Puerto Rico. 

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Get Involved

Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start?
There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort. By lending your support, you’ll become a valuable part of the mission. 

If you are an owner, trainer, or racing fan, please consider sharing the list of owners who ship horses to Puerto Rico with your breeder's groups, horseman groups, and racing administration. 

Sign the Petition

Add your name to a growing list of citizens who oppose this type of transport.

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Ask Lagos Transport To Stop.

Send them a polite request, asking them to please stop this cruel for-profit practice.  

Email: ​

Phone: 787-586-1943

Alberto Santiago - Horse Shipping coordinator:

Send them a message on Facebook

Send them a message on Instagram

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Email Dr. Perez @ PR Department of Agriculture

Email Dr. Perez and let him know you don't agree with these practices and they must stop. Their office can simply stop issuing import certificates for horses coming in via cargo

They can also speak up as to the inhumaneness of this mode of transport. Dr. Perez is a veterinarian and did take an oath to protect animals. 

Email the PR Gaming Commission

Their mission states: 

Guarantee the purity of Equestrian Sport, promote incentives to the different sectors that contribute to the improvement of the sport- industry, offer quality shows to the equestrian fans and restore confidence in the sport.

They can speak up on behalf of these equine athletes being sent to race in Puerto Rico voa cargo ships so the owners can save a little money. 

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