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Lagos Transport Press Release June 16, 2021

Official Press Release from Lagos Transport LLC

June 16, 2021


Lagos Transport is a maritime and air transport company for animals, among which racehorses, paso fino horses and various domestic animals stand out, registered in May 2019 according to the parameters established by the Department of State of the Government of Puerto Rico.


Although it was registered then, it was not until the end of that year that we received approval to begin carrying out our first transportation trips after complying with the requirements established by the Federal Government and after a rigorous inspection process.


Based on the positive results of our work. the support from clients hiring our service increased, interested in using maritime transport to receive their property from the United States. In the last two years, many satisfied customers have benefited from our service. Regarding the equestrian industry in Puerto Rico, it has experienced notable increases in its income from betting thanks to the inventory of thoroughbred racing horses transported by our company. This situation has resulted in better economic income for all components of the equestrian industry that has not been reflected for more than 1.5 years.


Racehorses such as Slewzer, Gilda F., Fun Sucker, Untilwemeetagain and Pradar, the latter appearing in second place in the Jose De Diego classic held in April, is a sample of horses transported by our company that have immediately produced as soon they resumed their activity as runners in the local horse race.


So far this year we have transported more than 150 racehorses, helping to keep the development of the equestrian sport high in Puerto Rico, which has been and will continue to be our north. We remain focused on that desire without addressing the current campaign of falsehoods against our company with motivations known only to those who have made a negative effort seeking to eradicate our performance.


We will continue to strive to keep our level of work high, free of accidents to regret for the past two years, and faithfully complying with what is established by Law. That is our best cover letter. Sincerely yours Alberto Santiago 

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Let’s Work Together to End This.

Send Lagos Transport a message and ask them to please stop this cruel practice, and use their air transport, a much more humane way to ship horses. 

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Phone: 787-586-1943

Alberto Santiago - Horse Shipping coordinator:

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